Quiz Competition

Quizzomania is Quiz competition conducted by MCA Department of IICMR every week. This is a Quiz Competition which consists of 5 Rounds per month.

  • NEWS-MANIA: Questions on Current Affairs
  • QUANTI-MANIA: Questions on Aptitude
  • TECH-MANIA :Questions on Technical Subject
  • CODE-MANIA: Questions on programming Languages
  • PUZZLE-MANIA: Questions on English and Puzzles.
Each round is displayed per week of a month.It consists of 3-4 questions which are displayed on every Monday, students need to answer them by Saturday. Those who give correct answers on first come basis in the week are awarded as “Star of the Week” Certificate. If a student wins 4-5 “Star of the Week” in a month is Awarded as ”Star of the Month” Trophy/Gift and Certificate.

Technical Quiz Questions & Answers