AWS Academy

AWS Academy is a global program that provides educational institutions with access to an AWS-developed and authorized curriculum so they can more easily offer cloud computing courses to their students.

IICMR has joined AWS Academy program with Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (“AISPL”) as a member institute by considering AWS dominance of the public cloud market

The association will help our students to become proficient and certified on the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology and avail discounted certification exams that are aligned to the course. The AWS certifications will also help the students to grab career opportunities in AWS cloud.

Benefits for Member Institutions AWS Academy members receive a number of benefits that are solely for use by institutions, educators and students participating in AWS Academy, including:
- Access to complete AWS-developed and authorized courses
- Course updates that reflect new AWS releases and best practices
- Listing in the AWS Academy directory of participating institutions on the AWS Academy website upon acception
- Access to AWS Academy logos and branding and must be in adherenace with the PR guidelines
- Access to free practice exams and discounted certification exams for AWS Academy accredited educators and AWS Academy students within their institution
- Invitation to AWS Academy events, such as AWS Academy conferences and webinars. Your regional AWS Academy Program Manager will notify you when opportunities to participate are available

Ashwini Borkar, AWS-Cloud Practitioner

Gandhar Amrutkar, AWS-Cloud Practitioner