Faculty Development Program

Expert Lecture on : Outcome Based Education Session

Conducted By : Dr. Poorna Shankar, Professor, IICMR.

The Outcome Based Education-OBE Session conducted for the faculty members of IICMR was held on 17th , 22nd December 2020 and 7th Jan 2021 by Dr. Poorna Shankar, Professor, IICMR.
On Day 1, Dr. Poorna Shankar Madam illustrated the distinction between output-based valuation and outcome-based analysis. Dr. Poorna conjointly emphasized the key components whereas framing PEO -Program academic Objective. Dr. Poorna focused on the important point program outcome its basics concept fundamentals and definition program outcomes should follow SMART guidelines S stands for Smart, M for Measurable A for table, R for Realistic and T for Time Bound. Madam also talked about bloom's taxonomy and the various levels of Bloom circular bloom's taxonomy. 
On day 2, Madam gave a detailed description of calculating PO attainment considering the various attainment levels which are required for the assessment. She shared different types of assessment mainly direct and indirect assessment stewards which includes formative and summative assessment. She also talked about mapping percentage calculation of attainment with attainment levels.
On day 3, Madam talked about different assessment techniques namely diagnostic formative and summative assessment and discussed on direct and indirect assessment methods. Madam explained the SEO attainment process, attainment level. Dr. Poorna explained the significance and definition of rubrics essential features, rubrics types and methods to formulate and design rubrics was discussed.

Expert Lecture on : MCA Semester V and Semester VI Syllabus Design (2019 Pattern)

Conducted By : Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

In Inaugural session, Dr. Deepali Sawai, Director –MCA welcomed all faculty members and guests. In her welcome address, she reviewed the progress of MCA syllabus development and design for semesters I to IV and covered the objectives of FDP at IICMR, Nigdi. She also explained the purpose of FDP at IICMR.

Dr. Parag Kalkar, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, SPPU was the Chief guest for the program. He motivated the faculty members for creating own value-added course on various topics and subjects to sustain in dynamic changes in education field in near future. The changes made in syllabus should be percolated in graduation colleges and industry to know the difference for better employability of the MCA students.

Dr. Mahesh Abale , Member-Management Council and Senate , SPPU, was the guest of honour for the program. He guided the faculty members on the efforts to be taken for sustainability of the programme through MCA revised syllabus.   

Dr. Amol Goje, BoS – Chairman, Board of Computer Management, Faculty of Commerce and Management, SPPU , was present for the program as a guest of honour. He advised the faculty members to prepare the matrix of syllabus contents to avoid the repetition of topics in more than one subjects. He also suggested that one industry expert should be included in every panel for all subjects to get the inputs from industry. Basics and fundamentals of the topics should be covered in course contents and advance part of the course should be taken in open subject as per the need by the institutes.

Expert Lecture on : LaTex Software

Conducted By : Mr. Deepak Jain

Mr. Deepak Jain conducted internal FDP on Using LaTeX for writing research papers. It was useful and informative session on Latex. He explained What is LATEX? Difference between LaTeX and software like Microsoft Word. The use of LaTeX in communication & publication of scientific documents, Advantages of using LaTeX, Steps in creating a research paper using LaTeX, Commonly used commands.

Expert Lecture on : MOODLE Learning Management System

Conducted By : Mr. Sanjay Mathapati

FDP on ‘Moodle Learning Management Systems (LMS)’ was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Mathapati on 23rd and 24th February 2018. The session started with importance of Moodle. Mr. Sanjay Mathapati demonstrated different modules under teaching learning process such as Activity Creation, Assignment Creation, Quiz preparation, Question Bank, Assignment submission etc. It was a great learning opportunity for the faculty members.

Expert Lecture on : Models of Cloud Computing

Conducted By : Ms. Kiran Shinde

 A seminar on “Models in Cloud computing” was conducted by Ms. Kiran Shinde on 5th Dec 2017. The seminar was attended by MCA faculty members. Ms. Kiran presented a video on “What is Cloud computing?” in the beginning of Seminar. The motive of seminar was to understand the technical details of the service models in Cloud computing such as  SAAS, PAAS & IAAS.

Expert Lecture on : Demo session on Usage of Google Apps

Conducted By : Mr.Debashish Pramanik, IT Director,Cloudcodes Ms.Priyanka Acharya,Cloudcodes

A demo session on usage of Google Apps was conducted by Mr. Debashish Pramanik, IT Director, Cloud codes for all faculty members. He made the MCA faculty members aware about the extra features available with Google Apps such as calendar, Goggle document, Google spreadsheet, Google site and many more to make the administration of all the academic activities easy. He also informed that the Google Apps can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. He talked on the Hangout feature which enables approximately 15 users to participate in video conferencing altogether. He ended the session by informing about the real time collaboration feature of Google Apps.